Archival / Authentication


The Nakashima Foundation for Peace is the only source available to provide authentication and true replacement value of any pieces made by George Nakashima. Using detailed Nakashima archives we are able to research and look up the order records of any Nakashima piece made from the early 1950’s to today.

Copies of Order Cards and Authentication letter

The charge for copies of order item will be charged at a rate of $500 per client name, up to five cards photocopied; $50 per card thereafter. This will include copy of order cards on letterhead and letter of authentication. As a courtesy to original owners and/or their children we will reduce the authentication charge to $100 for photocopies of order cards only.

Authentication from Photograph

We only provide authentications with record of purchase; it can only be done by Mira with our Disclaimer Letter. The charge for this letter $650 per item.

Insurance and Replacement Cost Valuations

The charge for insurance replacement cost evaluation is $250 for a standard evaluation up to five items; $50 per additional item. This includes copies of the original order cards that apply to the valuation.

Note: Actual provenance can only be confirmed with actual order records.

If you are interested in obtaining authentication, provenance records or replacement cost valuations, please contact or call 215-862-2272. All payments should be made through Nakashima Foundation for Peace.