George Nakashima's Vision

Dream Craft 1

A Black Walnut tree, determined to become the first Peace altar. In 1983 George Nakashima purchased what was considered one of the largest walnut logs in the world. It came from a 300-Year-old tree on Long Island. 12' Long, it tapered in diameter from 5 to 7 feet.

Dream Craft 8

George Nakashima and Scot Wineland. With much consideration to his task to cut the Claro Walnut tree, Scot designed and built a special mill for the job.

Dream Craft 9

George watches as Wineland and his crew make the first cut.

Dream Craft 11

After every other cut, the chain on the eight-foot saw has to be sharpened.

Dream Craft 10

After the first slab is cut, Wineland washes off the sawdust to show the grain pattern.

Dream Craft 6

George Nakashima overseeing the cut of the center.

Dream Craft 4

Kevin Nakashima with Scot Wineland.

Dream Craft 7

The center revealed.

Dream Craft 5

George and Scot take a closer look at the grain.

Dream Craft 12

The center-cut slab is worth about one thousand dollars.

Select texts and images taken from "Altar for Peace: A Tale of Two Artists" by Jay E. Write for Popular Woodworking magazine, Aug/Sept, 1986.